Holy Saturday

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By Kerry Greenhill

This is the hardest time to pray:
after the drama and catastrophe,
before the angels and the big reveal.
The passion, the agony, the desperate grief
have given way to numbness
and absence
in this time in between.

God seems to be offstage,
preparing for the final scene,
taking care of ancient souls in other worlds
or clothing the hidden, broken body
in resurrection glory.

So let our prayer this day be plain
and to the point:

May God be with us in the waiting,
and may we wait with hope,
and every time in between.


Permission is granted for use in corporate setting. Copyright © 2013 The Upper Room. Used with permission. Download your digital copy of this issue of Alive Now on “Forgiveness.” Call 800.972.0433 to order printed copies for yourself, your small group, or congregation.

Kerry Greenhill is a Deacon who serves as Field Coordinator for Imagine No Malaria in the Rocky Mountain Conference (UMC), and as Communications Manager for the health care advocacy organization Family Voices Colorado. Kerry’s husband and two cats have learned to adapt their lives to the Downton Abbey schedule.

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