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Advent Prayers 2016

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by Beth A. Richardson Join us as we travel through Advent, the season during which we prepare our hearts for Christmas. Pray these prayers on your own or with your faith community beginning the first Sunday of Advent, November 27. Join us in these praying these prayers as we actively await the coming Christ: First […]


Radical Availability

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By Stephen Bryant, Janice Grana, and Marjorie Thompson Where are you hearing God’s call? What are you hearing God calling you to be and do? There are two sides to God’s call in the Bible and in our lives. God calls us to give our all, to be God’s people always. But God calls us […]


Finding Your Treasure

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By Beth A. Richardson For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. —Matthew 6:21 Sometimes finding what we treasure in our lives, our families, our communities, our world is a challenge. We might say we treasure relationships but then realize that we never seem to spend any time with others. We might […]

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Practice: A Seven-Day Experiment with Wholeness

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By Lynn M. Baab When you ask people what enables them to experience God’s wholeness, you’ll hear numerous answers. In the next seven days, we invite you to experiment with various practices and to see how they feel to you. Dedicate some time each evening, maybe after dinner or at bedtime, and evaluate your experience […]

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Practice: The Welcoming Prayer

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By J. David Muyskens I find myself sometimes moving into a dark mood: I’m worried about my health; I’m pessimistic about the future; I’m distressed about my ability to meet the challenges a day brings. When I find myself moving toward these thoughts, the welcoming prayer can change my mood. This prayer acknowledges the presence […]

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