Behind the Photos in the September/October 2016 Issue

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log cabin

“When I lived in Western Kentucky, I would often cross the river to visit Fort Massac State Park. There I would be taken back in history to the early 1800s via the extensive replica fort. The stark simplicity of the various log structures served as a reminder of how utilitarian the environment was for the inhabitants of that earlier time in history. Few furnishings or adornments were utilized in the fort buildings. In photography, we look for the light. In this image, it was truly the light from the open door that spoke to me. The light provided a sense of assurance of warmth in the dark, cold, nearly empty cabin.”

– Sue Henry, about her cover photo. Sue is a fine-art photographer, retired music educator, and professional musician. She has been studying and practicing photography for a number of years, receiving instruction in photography from well-known and talented Western Kentucky artists. Sue currently resides in the greater Nashville, Tennessee, area, where she enjoys all the benefits the area offers. She loves spending time with her three grandchildren!



“This image was captured during worship at a church one of my sons attends. They worship God with such exuberance and abandon.”

– Marie Nease, about her photo on p. 3. Marie is a six-time award-winning member of the Roswell Photographic Society. The love of photography spans multiple generations in her family. Marie also enjoys expressing herself through creative writing and poetry. She is a mother of four wonderful young men and grandmother to six. She lives near the mountains in Cornelia, Georgia.


candle display

“Before my partner died of cancer, she wanted to have a celebration of her life—an A-WAKE. These candles were burning during that ceremony. Light years cannot erase her memory.”

– Jan Phillips, about her photo on p. 3. Jan is a writer, musician, and photographer. She is the author of ten award-winning books, which include many of her photos. Jan leads retreats and presentations, which are multimedia, multisensory events that connect the heart and brain. She uses images, music, poetry, and storytelling to evoke deep, nondualistic creative thinking and expression.



“I went out to walk my dog when I saw the smoke down the street. As a former photojournalist, I quietly went back home and exchanged the dog for my camera gear. I got there just as the firemen went up to the roof to create a vent for the smoke. One occupant of the house was hurt, but I believe he recovered.”

– Pasquale Mingarelli, about his photo on pp. 8-9. Pat is an award-winning photographer who worked as a newspaper photographer before joining the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru), where he worked as a photojournalist with their magazine, Worldwide Challenge. He now has a ministry called The Creation Speaks, which explores how creation speaks to our heart, soul, and mind about God. Pasquale approaches nature as an artist and not as a scientist. He looks at how it touches our soul on a theological level and our hearts through its majesty, mystery, and beauty.

Pasquale teaches photography at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa; Metro Community College in Omaha, Nebraska; and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. He lives in Bellevue, Nebraska, with his wife, Patti; their two children, Talitha and Pasquale; and their dog, Montana.


mom and baby

“This photo was taken at a reunion of school friends, my childhood buddies, after a really long time. We were all married by then, and a few of us had kids as well. Most of us were facing a  dilemma about whether we should bring our spouses to the reunion. At the end we decided to bond with the families, and it was indeed a happy choice. This image is of one of my friend’s wife with their child. We all loved playing with the babies and came back with many beautiful memories.”

– Savvy Gulia, about her photo on pp. 10-11. Savvy a freelance photographer living in New Delhi, India, decided to pursue her dream of being a photographer a few years back. Most of her images are about people, capturing life in their seemingly negligible moments. Her pictures provide an opportunity to absorb a gesture, a smile, or a frown through her vision. Savvy’s forte is travel photography, but when not traveling, she enjoys capturing portraits, too. Read more about her at


covered bridge

“Several years ago, I was photographing for a series of books on New York State. I’d traveled to every corner of the state, looking for iconic locations that conveyed a feel of the beauty and diversity of the great state of New York. You don’t have to travel far from the city to realize how rural most of the state is. This covered bridge in Allegany State Park is one of those locations and was one of my fall destinations for book photos. Some overcast sky after a rain was perfect for the mood I wanted to convey.”

– Carl Hellman II, about his photo on pp. 24-25. Carl is a professional photographer who has been inspired by the spiritual beauty and wonder of the Adirondack mountains and lakes. He has photographed for several regional books on the Adirondacks, New York state, and the coast of Maine. He has written books on comprehensive photo techniques, including a landscape photography field guide, and leads photo tours and workshops across the United States. His photography and information on his workshops can be found at and on Facebook.


bright housing

“This photograph was taken on Palm Sunday morning in Galveston, Texas, which also happened to fall on the first day of spring this year. I remember that day being so filled with color. It invoked a hopefulness and joy within me I hadn’t felt in quiet a while, given the social climate of our world and  recent life experiences. I thought this photograph captured the union of those two special days and my spirit that day in the most perfect way.”

– Lanecia Rouse, about her photo on pp. 26-27. Lanecia is an artist who has served in ministry with the United Methodist Church since 2002 in various roles—as a solo and youth pastor, an artist-in-residence, and project manager of The Art Project, Houston. She currently resides in Houston, Texas, where she continues her ministry as a writer, artist, photographer, speaker, and workshop leader.


after the storm

“It was a July day in Minneapolis. There had been a fierce storm that drenched the city. After it ended, people came out of their homes to check for downed tree limbs. The rain clouds retreated and left this view to the south.”

– Mark Allan Peterson, about his photo on pp. 30-31. Mark’s forty-five years of peering through a camera eyepiece have led him to the conclusion that surprise and beauty are much closer to all of us than we might think. His many thousands of film and digital images are the product of assignments to shoot music album covers, school groups, home building, public events, outdoor art, travel, hospitals, medical instruments, churches, weddings, political rallies, and sports. Ever curious, Mark’s artistic motto is: “We overlook the commonplace at our peril.”


Pacific sunset

“I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years and always like going back to visit. On the evening this photo was taken I had just arrived at my friend’s house in the city. We drove to the end of her street just in time to watch this glorious sunset over the Pacific. Dreamy!”

– Nancy Terzian, about her photo on p. 47. Nancy is our art director and graphic designer. She has designed several book covers and interiors for Upper Room Books as well as other clients via her Nashville-based design studio, Buckinghorse Design. Before starting her own business ten years ago, Nancy was the art director and designer for several magazines in the San Francisco Bay area, including Yoga JournalElectronic Musician, and Frisko. To see some of Nancy’s other design work, visit or her website,


Lithia Park

“Lithia Park is an oasis in the middle of downtown Ashland, Oregon.  Towering redwoods turn simple walkways into a natural cathedral, picnic tables become altars and pews, and the Church of Nature convenes every day with an explosion of color and fragrance.”

– Paul Schatzkin, about his photo on p. 48. Paul is an author, entrepreneur, and photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. For more about his work, go to


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