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Meet Sue Bradford Edwards, contributor in the January/February 2015 issue, “Loving Oneself.” Her article, “Learning to Love the Person God Created” appears on page 10. To get a copy of this issue or to order a subscription to Alive Now, call 1.800.972.0433 or order online.


Taking Time to Create

One of the most important things to both my writing life and my spiritual life is taking time to create. Although writing is creative, it is also abstract.  When I talk about taking time to create, I mean working on something concrete and tangible.

For several years, I’ve realized that I am more centered when I take the time to be creative. Sometimes this means repainting a room in my home or refinishing a piece of furniture. Once I made five pieces of wall art depicting sea creatures for my son’s room. Other times, I knit or crochet something as simple and functional as a scarf or as wacky as a three-dimensional apple or pea pod. I have to admit–pea pods are a lot of fun.

When I complete this kind of project, I feel energized and focused, and closer to God. I thought that this was simply because I was more relaxed and, because of this, more observant.

This past Sunday, our pastor gave a sermon on the Creation. He explained that when we engage in a creative pursuit we are acting as a part of this creation. We are also taking the time to link with the Creator.

That explains a lot. After I work with my hands, my writing flows. All around, my focus is better. I feel closer to God.

When I feel blocked in my writing or disconnected from God, I get out a skein of yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Before long, I hold a gracefully curved pea pod, a plump red apple, or a flowing scarf and I experiencel my connection with the One who made me and the universe of which I am a part.

Sue Bradford Edwards is a nonfiction writer who lives and works in Florissant, Missouri. Her prayers have been made into YouTube videos. View them and read more about Sue’s faith journey at PrayPower4Today, the prayer blog she created with fellow bloggers Lori Strawn and Ruth Williams

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