Going Deeper with Lectio Divina

by Beth A Richardson on August 15, 2012 · 5 comments

Sun Umbrellas on the Beach

Praying the scriptures (Lectio Divina) is a slow, meditative reading and reflection on a passage of scripture. Rather than processing the scripture intellectually, you’re invited to let the words and images connect your heart to God’s heart. Explore the many ways to encounter God through scripture and experience by using the lectio divina process.

Lectio Divina

We hope you’ve taken advantage of Alive Now‘s guides for engaging scripture in this sacred and prayerful way. If you haven’t, we invite you now to explore these tools for Lectio Divina:

  • Praying the Scriptures, a three-step guide to connecting with the words of scripture.
  • Sacred Reading, another detailed guide to prayerfully reading God’s word.
  • Audio Lectio, an opportunity to hear the scripture read aloud and focus on prayerful listening.

Now, you are invited and encouraged to go even deeper with Lectio Divina

Visio Divina

Visio Divina invites the viewer to encounter the divine through images.

Lectio on Life

Lectio on Life is an experience inviting us to extend the process of lectio divina to our own life experiences.

We invite you to journey further and experience God more fully through this process. Share your experiences with our community as you go deeper with lectio divina.

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Mary L maloney June 2, 2015 at 5:37 am

Thank you God for Lectio divina and all your care for me. Help me to know YOU better and BETTER. Your Grace is so huge! Your forgiveness is very HUGE. I am so gratefull in Jesus name AMEN

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