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by Gina Manskar on July 17, 2012

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Meet Rebecca Vincent, contributor to the July/August 2012 issue. Her article, “God Rested,” is featured on page 9. To get a copy of this issue or to order a subscription to Alive Now, call 1.800.972.0433 or order online.

On Writing

For me, writing has taken many forms. Journals, blogs, letters, poetry, school, and work have all influenced my understanding and appreciation for the written word. My church had an annual teen competition that hosted a poetry category. I submitted something each year and usually succeeded in putting a Bible story or spiritual theme in awkward rhythm and structure. When I studied for a semester in France I chronicled the experience in a black journal. It is the only reliable source for disproving my original claim that “I didn’t really suffer from homesickness.”  About the same time I started to write snail mail letters to my grandfather on our lined legal pad paper – our “special” stationary. At another church, I joined a devotional writing ministry and started to see that writing allowed me the space to make connections between my spiritual journey and my earthly existence.

Only recently did I start to pursue writing in earnest. I was clear with myself that this would continue only as long as God directed it. I’ve made the mistake of misinterpreting my skills and circumstances as God’s “yes” in the past, and don’t want to repeat that lesson. The only form of regimented process that I’ve allowed for my writing is that my time with God comes first. Some days I blog, some days I focus on personal essays, some days I write freelance pieces, some days I spend way too much time on social media, but always I meet with God. He has given me a voice that speaks best through writing, but I must be acutely tuned to Him to know what to write. I’m still learning how it all connects, but He has been faithful and that may be the greatest lesson to take from it all.

On the days that I spend time blogging, I can be found talking about life, God, family, and sharing anecdotes at or discussing my literary interests and observations at I’d love to meet you there.

Rebecca Vincent lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and their one-year-old daughter. Rebecca attends Mecklenburg Community Church where she teaches and dresses up as the giant dog, Godfrey, to greet young children coming to church. She blogs at

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