Making Decisions

by Beth Richardson on May 14, 2012 · 19 comments

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Making decisions in life can be a challenge. The Christian community can be a source of helping you hear God’s voice in your ordinary or difficult decisions. One spiritual discipline that helps with discernment is from the Quaker tradition. It’s called a Clearness Committee.

The Quaker Clearness Committee is a small group that is called together to assist a person who is seeking the Holy Spirit’s direction. In this process of discernment, the participants listen for God who is speaking through each person present. If the participants are hearing the Spirit’s leadings, there is a common direction that is discerned. As the leadings begin to coalesce around a certain direction, participants can have more confidence that it is a direction that leads us deeper into God’s will.

You can use the more extended process described in the Going Deeper description of the Clearness Committee. Or try a shortened process with no more than 3-4 people. Form a Clearness Committee with your friends, at your workplace, or within a small group at church.

Going Deeper: The Clearness Committee

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